NEWS 14 Sept 12

Hello Friends A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity of team-teaching simple forms of church with Milton Adams in France for a week. Through this process urban-missionaries are reaching out in their communities – making disciples of postmodern and secular people. Simple forms of church are reproducible – and biblical. Here are a… Continue reading

NEWS 2 Sept 12

Hello friends More than 400 have gathered for a Mission Conference In Bobbio Pellice – the destination of the Waldensian (Vaudois) people on this historic Glorious Return to their valleys from the shores of Lake Geneva in 1755. The Waldensians hid in these valleys from the armies of church and state. From the seclusion and… Continue reading

NEWS 15 June 12

Hello friends People are on the move. Even 50 years ago it would have been impossible to imagine the impact of these movements upon the religious profile of most global north countries (Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand). These impacts include – Many church buildings and cathedrals in the global north are again filled with… Continue reading

NEWS 24 May 12

Hello friends Every existing church was at one time a church plant. I am not sure for how long they can be called a new plant (maybe for 2 to 3 years!) – but what I do know is, every plant institutionalizes and the freshness to reach new people for Jesus diminishes. This is true… Continue reading

NEWS 14 Mar 12

Dear Friends, Over the last two weekend mini-church planting summits have been conducted in Albany (in the south-west of the Western Australia) and Newman (in the desert Pilbara north-west of the state) – equipping teams from a number of scattered centers, churches and denominations. While adapted to each locale, it is an equipping model that… Continue reading

NEWS 26 Feb 12

Dear Friends, It is inspiring to spend time with people who are passionate about planting new communities to reach and transform lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This month I have participated in – A Church Planting Movements Summit in Manila: With a variety of partners, CCC launched Global Church Movements – with their… Continue reading

NEWS 13 Jan 12

Dear Friends, In his Prayer Newsletter planter Peter Hobbs writes: ‘Church planting is over rated because that’s not our job. Disciple making is what we’re called to do. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if every follower of Jesus made one disciple in their workplace? Imagine the gatherings, the movement of God. With… Continue reading

NEWS 2 Nov 11

Dear Friends, The last weeks have reminded me of foundational principles. For 4 days I was part of a dialogue with people committed to multiplying church planting in Europe. This started 4 years ago when we gathered about 30 people deeply involved in planting and reaching postmoderns. We met in Wittenberg – within meters of… Continue reading

NEWS 29 July 11

Dear Friends Carl Medearis says it is time to stop evangelizing and start talking about Jesus! (Why Evangelicals Should Stop Evangelizing, CNN) He argues that Jesus transcends all religions. Jesus calls people to follow him and grow in their relationship with him while still in their mother culture and religious environment. Commenting on his article… Continue reading

NEWS 10 July 11

Dear Friends The book of Acts is a basic text-book for church planters. It is an exciting read – with many insights into how the first believers in Jesus’ resurrection shared their faith, made disciples and gathered them in households (oikos) or relational streams. However, what really stands out is that the Holy Spirit was… Continue reading