Community asks: ‘How can we help you?’

“‘How can we help you?’ is usually what a church asks the community,” says planter Rosemary Lethbridge. “This question has led to us participating in a whole variety of community programmes and events. As a result we have discovered that our community has a more positive view of our church plant and some are even exploring what faith means as a result.” However, the tables were turned last week. The Chair of the local Community Association approached Rosemary and said, “We would like to help you. Each year this Association chooses a charity to fund raise for. We have decided and voted that The Watering Hole will receive the money we raise in 2011.” Rosemary says, “Delighted as we are to benefit from extra funding it is the thought behind it that really encourages us. It is the knowledge that our community values the part we play in making a difference in the community and is willing to use of their time and talents to raise both our profile and financially assist the work.”