Essentials for Church Planting Movements

1. Passionate prayer – because we love listening to & talking with God
2. Miracles – the evidence of the activity & presence of the Spirit of God
3. Telling the story of Jesus – frequently, in language people understand

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  1. Matt

    I can relate to the simplicity of this.

    Jesus modeled his prayer life for every believer. There are lots of small hidden texts about his personal prayer life in the gospels (eg. Lk 5:16).

    Jesus also modeled the miracle lifestyle for His disciples and invited us into it (Jn 14:12). This part is scary but fun. I love to see unbelievers touched and healed by the power and presence of God (I just witnessed this again the other day). They are usually very open to the message about this wonderful Jesus.

    I call this the “show and tell” model (sometimes it’s “tell and show”. I didn’t invent it, Jesus did – Lk 9:11). Show them the gospel of the Kingdom and then tell them about it (Lk 10:9). It’s a powerful combination!

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