In Touch – Again!

Some have written asking whether Judy & I are still alive! Since returning to Australia I have been coordinating preparations for three major series of public evangelistic meetings – and these have been happening for the last seven weeks. It has been an all consuming project! The programs began across Melbourne in April, with over 3,000 people attending. Mark Finley has been presenting three topics each week in the three venues (with five sessions for each theme) – and, now in the last week, we still have 1,500+ attending. 

Although this program has not been specifically geared towards new plants, many new churches have been planted through public evangelism. Other approaches prove effective in postmodern cultures however, each church planter looks for teaching opportunities where the Word of God can be explained. In the next few days I will post suggestions on using public evangelism as a church planting model (with some of the challenges)!