New Generations – not connecting!

New generations are not connecting with church. Is this an issue for you? Most of the new generations are not connecting to church. And, fewer of my friends (older!) connect to local churches any more. They read their Bibles and perhaps spend more on Christian books than others – but they are not in churches on Sabbaths. When I ask why, they say things like – ‘Church is too complex.’ ‘I don’t need the politics.’ ‘We would rather read our Bibles and invite our family and neighbors to join us.’ There is a major drift from church – but many are not ‘backsliders’ in the traditional sense. I am still an optimist – and believe God’s Church can appeal to the new generations. How? What do you think? What could Church look like in the future?

3 Comments New Generations – not connecting!

  1. Lee

    I think God will always appeal to people – because they are made in his image. The unappealing bit is often church or, sadest of all, Christians. I think Christians and specifically Adventists need to relax on the ‘standards’ and tighten up on the spiritual warfare and commitment to the gospel commission.

  2. peter

    I have been reading the Gospel of Matthew again – and think that church plants (& established churches) could do well to see that they are God’s mission to foster God’s Kingdom in communities where the Holy Spirit is working.

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