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Hello church planters

We like to count, and ‘numbers are important, especially when the numbers represent people who are precious to God’. But churches are notorious for counting the wrong things. In his excellent little book Fruitful Church: A Manifesto for Sending (just released), Andrew Turner writes: ‘we should measure success not by the number of people that come in to our church, but by the number and calibre of believers who are sent out from it‘. (17) ‘We raise our children to mature, leave home, and start new households. Why is this the norm for families, but the exception for churches?’ I ask: Is this a major contributor to most young adults (who have accepted Jesus and been baptised by 14-15) disconnecting from church by their early 20s? This easy-to-read book provides great practical insights – a must read for church planters.

I must draw attention to another really great resource – the SHIFTm2M FREE Israel Videos shot by Ian Finnan in Israel. These short videos invite you ‘to come and see, to reflect and learn insights from Jesus our model movement building leader’ Check out this great FREE resource: – and perhaps register to join a SHIFTm2M group!

Be courageous & faithful,

Peter Roennfeldt

PS: Register to attend the launch of the SHIFTm2M Israel Videos in Melbourne and Sydney:


Pacific Reach in Vanuatu: 240 people spent a week at Crystal Blue Motel a short distance from Port Vila – learning to pray in different ways, worship, listen to the stories of others, to share their testimonies, practicing Discovery Bible Reading and preparing to gather contacts into new churches. 40 new church projects are planned, most of them in Port Vila. The enthusiasm had to be experienced to be believed’. Nos Terry, leader in Vanuatu, is very excited, ‘This is what we will be doing from now on—discipling new people and getting them to start new churches!’

Disciple Making & Church Planting in Fiji: Adventist members and pastors teamed-up to plant 93 new churches in Fiji in the last 12 months. The vision is to be a vibrant movement, living hope in Jesus, and transforming the Pacific – and this means to be a disciple making and church planting movement. Teams were trained in 2014 – and during the last week of February Fiji church planting coordinator Talemo Cakobau and Peter Roennfeldt equipped enthusiastic teams in Suva, the capital, Lautoka, and Ba. Leader in Fiji, Luke Narabe, is excited: ‘The way forward is  much clearer now!’

Grace Connections in Melbourne: Although now retired Samoan pastor Eddie Erika is excited about the movement of church planting among Samoans in Melbourne (now 7 plants and multiplying!) – and Grace Connections. This initiative cultivates (1) connecting with young community adults, (2) faith sharing among other nationalities and people groups, and (3) church planting movements in other Australian cities and back into the home countries of those who come to faith. This week key movement leaders met for dialogue, prayer and planning with Peter Roennfeldt.

For more stories of church planting in Vanuatu, Fiji & the Kingdom of Tonga, go to

Equipping Resources & Opportunities


Fruitful Church: A Manifesto for Sending (2015) by Andrew Turner – available at

NOPLACELEFT May 29 – June 1, 2015: Ying and Grace Kai with Steve and Laura Smith, authors of T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution, will be in Sydney, Australia. Ying and Grace have been at the centre of the fastest growing movement of church planting in recent history – and Steve and Lara have extensive experience in church planting movements. Register at – sponsored by Move, CrossLink, Oikos Australia, Praxeis, and Campus Crusade for Christ Australia.

Join a SHIFTm2M Group: Two groups are scheduled to start in Australia this years – one in Melbourne and two in Sydney. SHIFTm2M is a journey on which Christian leaders intentionally shift from doing ministry to cultivating movements by following Jesus’ example. For more details and to register your interest

SHIFTm2M in Europe: Shiftm2M is being launched in Europe this year – with resources available now and the first retreat 27-30 OCT 2015 at Friedensau University, Germany . Register now at – or contact Peter Roennfeldt ([email protected]) or Bill Hodgson ([email protected]).

Planting Churches that Multiply Conferences in Africa – Rwanda (22-29 March), Uganda (29 March – 5 April), Burundi (5-12 April) – with Peter Roennfeldt. For information [email protected]

Bible Lands Study Tour – 15-30 June 2015: follow the disciple making path of Jesus – walk where Jesus walked in Jordan & Israel! Take this opportunity. For more info: [email protected]

NewFormsGathering 2015 in the UK (27-29 Nov 2015) features Alan Hirsch (Author of The Forgotten Ways and The Permanent Revolution), Peter J Farmer (Author of PioneerMission and KingdomMission) and other leading missional thinkers and practitioners. Visit for more info and to book your place!


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