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Hello planters,

We have just completed the second planting churches that multiply weekend at Revive church plant in Melbourne. This was the fourth such conference I have shared in this year ? including one for the Western Australian Adventists and another called Inspire, the first church planting summit organized by the Baptist Union in NSW (with over 50 planters). In each place we used Planting Churches that Multiply: a Conversation Guide as a basis for equipping new teams. This new resource allows a team to walk through the process of developing a missional plant. For those who would like it, this, as well as our manual New Churches for New People (2007) is available as an attached file.

A number of reports in this NEWS feature simple church. Simple church is a great way for church planters (or established churches) to multiply their influence for God?s kingdom. It is very easy for a local church to multiply clusters of simple churches in homes, cafés or community facilities (such as libraries). Don?t try to control them, but walk beside those who are looking for fresh ways to be missional and incarnational, encouraging and blessing them ? and they will want your mentor-ship and support! They wish to be part of a movement for God ? and you could provide the environment.

Some pastors may feel this will add to their work load. Already exhausted, the idea of another 3 or 4 (or 10-15 simple churches) seems enough to surely push them over the edge! But pastors do not need to take over, or even know all those in a simple church or network. Work like the apostle Paul, cultivating households to follow the APEPT principle (see Hirsch & Frost) ? recognizing that believers are (like in Ephesus) apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Pastors of established churches, release believers for their ministry ? and live a more balanced life! Church planters, focus upon multiplying a movement to open God?s kingdom to the lost!

Think differently. Be biblical and courageous,

Peter Roennfeldt

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News stories

Revive hosts 5 week Holy Spirit Series: Jesus promised to send his Holy Spirit to counsel, guide and speak with us. He said, ?You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses.? (Acts 1:8) During July and August Revive church plant hosted a series of Holy Spirit workshops with Anneliis Way (of Revive). Participants say, ?It has been an amazing time together and God has been faithful, gently revealing his Spirit and ministering to our hearts.?

Vive Café touches lives! With over 80 people from the community in attendance each Thursday evening ? for a three course meal, friendship and warmth ? there is always a ministry for the many helpers from Revive and the community who support, encourage and bless. For many, both guests and helpers, ?this is church?!

Planting Churches that Multiply! Over the weekend of August 7-9 Revive church plant was host to another planting churches that multiply weekend. With 9 participants from other places and 10 from Revive ? including some guests from Vive Café ? the weekend was spent exploring the spiritual environment and resources needed to plant new churches for missional initiatives that will multiply. For information on future training opportunities, contact [email protected].

Listening to God! During the planting churches that multiply weekend, house-church (simple church) planters Bronwyn & Ray Slade shared their journey of listening to God. Two books they highly recommended are – John Eldridge, Walking with God (Thomas Nelson, 2008) and Brad Jersak, Can You Hear Me? (Monarch Books, 2006). Bronwyn says, ?Eldridge’s book is a good introduction showing what conversations with God over the period of a year look like and how they are interwoven with life. Brad Jersak’s book has lots of practical steps and simple exercises. He answers a lot of the questions that people have about hearing from God. These books have really blessed us.?

Simple Church is in Australia: Adventist planting coordinator in Australia, Wayne Krause, reports that in the northern regions of NSW they will be fostering the ideas of simple church that can be found on Check out this site for online training and resources ? or just a few ideas that can be adapted to your situation.

?Movements that Change the World? ? check it out! For as long as I have known Steve Addison (since about 1987), we have been talking church planting and movements. Now the book is here. This is ?must? reading for all leaders and planters who are serious about God?s kingdom. Check out the website ? and get your copy of this book: .

Steigen ? ?It can happen?! Some are not sure that the gospel can be shared in western cultures ? and some are still trying to perfect past methods. But starting with what God had placed in their hands ? a small farm, horses, a workshop and a heart for young people ? Jan Erik and Gunhild Hansen from Steigen in northern Norway, started ?youth clubs? in their home each Tuesday and Thursday evenings! Now 10-12 years on, they took 10 kids to a Christian Camp at Sommerfryd this year. At least one from a totally non-Christian home has told Jan Erik and Gunhild that he wants to know more about Jesus. Another girl and her mother have become Christians and share worships times with them. ?This is church planting!? (And Jan Erik and Gunhild ? your story has inspired missional activities all around the world! We rejoice with you!)

Northpoint Plant ? finalizes property purchase: My fellow church planter in the northwestern suburbs of Melbourne is pretty excited these days. With the help of the South Pacific Division and Victorian Conference of the Adventist church, Northpoint has purchased a $1.1 million warehouse close to Tullamarine airport. This will provide a base for multiple ministries in these suburbs. There are 75-95 including children attending worship services ? with a variety of small groups, and community ministries.

Nicki?s Prayer Room Update. For prayer room and prayer ministry ideas contact Nicki Carleton at [email protected] . We first met in Brisbane when Nicki was involved in a new church plant ? and participated in a couple of Holy Spirit Weekends. If you would like Nicki to come to your church plant to create a unique Week of Prayer experience or teach a Children?s Prayer Workshop email. Contact her and get her updates ? and you will also get a host of ideas for cultivating prayer environments. (And for conversation prayer or Agape meal ideas check out ? but get Nicki?s update for a stack of creative ideas!)

House church planters ?look in? on a House Church! While holidaying in Western Australia, Ken & Heather Raymond (who have planted a house church in the Mornington home as part of the New Life network of which Revive is also a part) called in to see Terry and Glenda in Beverley ? ?and had a fantastic time?! ?They began with everyone sharing the way God had blessed them during the week, a sing-a-long, prayer, a Bible reading ? and then an interesting study of five questions on what the Bible reading meant to them,? says Ken. Then they shared a meal. Ken says, ?What a meal! You think our afternoon teas were good, boy what a spread! Then, after the meal, there was more fellowship and getting to know each other? They are a very lovely group!?

Sling Shot for Girls ? a ministry of Kariong Church Plant. Up to 14 girls are attending a multi-activity program called Sling Shot. As part of the program the girls are challenged to learn scripture ? and even the youngest memorized John 3:16. Each girl has received a beautiful Bible ? and these unchurched kids treasure it!. One mother told planter Laurel Ansell that her two daughters read for 3 hours the first night. One girl has even taken her new Bible to school with her so she could read it at recess and lunch. Another girl took her new Bible to talk about for ?class news?! ?We were able to buy these beautiful bibles because of a generous donation,? says Laurel.

Resources, websites & equipping

Simple Church Seminar ? Sept 5, 2009 in Melbourne: For anybody who is interested in starting, leading or participating in a simple church, or who is searching for a more relevant church expression and equipping at the local or city-wide church context. Speakers include David Orton, Ray Tiller, Bessie Pereira, Getahun H Gebremedhin and Craig Kirkby. Venue: Level 10, Arrow On Swanston, 488 Swanston Street, Carlton from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Cost will be covered by free will offering. Registration for the seminar is free and can be done online at Simple Church Seminar Registration. For enquiries please email [email protected]

?Australians Beyond the Church? ? a Fresh Expressions Australia consultation: During October (5-7 Oct 2009, at University House, ANU in Canberra) the Anglican Church will be discussing how to use ?fresh expressions of church? to Australians with the gospel. For more details contact Wayne Brighton, Secretary, Fresh Expressions Australia: 0407 408 333 or [email protected] .

Plan a spiritual retreat for your team! Fiona Selvage reports that their church plant called re:vive (in England) has recently had it’s re:treat. ?We hired a venue in Derbyshire and had a really lovely weekend away with our friends,? Fiona says. ?It is a great opportunity to have fun and conversations with people and to get to know each other better.? Don?t let too long go by before you plan a retreat for your planting team ? and bring some others who may be equipped spiritually to multiply!

Interview with Tim Scheuer on his experiences in evangelism & church planting: Check out this link –

For those who have been faithful to the call to plant new churches to reach new people for God?s kingdom ?
?There are people in our town who now have a relationship with Jesus because you were obedient to the call that God put upon your heart.? (Fiona)

Peter Roennfeldt