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Some thought missional might be another fad. But, it is not proving to be!

Yes, some terms pass their use-by-date. Emerging church was a great term – church from below, connected with the past and, at the same time, the futureHowever, it was damaged from within and without – even negatively impacting the term emerging missional churchSo we might be back to missional – and this could be a good thing!

Missional does not prescribe forms and practices – nor is it enamoured with postmodernism (or post-postmodernism). Rather, it is a movement shaped by –

  • God’s mission heart
  • Christians being missionaries in western cultures
  • Gospel proclamation – imperative in a missionary environment
  • Scripture reading – through the eyes of urban missionaries
  • Faith communities (ecclesia or churches) engaging their cultures as contrast societies – called-out by God, witnessing to his values and reign
  • Missionary faithfulness – from a marginal position in the culture, rather than the historic dominant position at the centre of society. (Hill 2008:254)

It is shaped by three ‘overarching principles’ – Jesus shapes everything we are and dowe take church to people rather than expect them to come to us, and every believer is a minister! (Frost, Hirsch 2003:6-12)

These principles define our church planting today – equipping, resources and news! This mission flows from the heart of God – who so loved the world he died for us. (John 3:16)

His grace and abiding presence motives us,

Peter Roennfeldt



Doctoral studies – completed! My research Reshaping the Australian Church Experience is available at – for those interested!

NewChurchLife has a Facebook page: Many have found – and are sharing likes, comments, links. Click as a friend today – and share in the conversations. Check out –

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Resources (for more stories and resources –


The tribes we lead:  Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. (Jesus used the term ethne – relational streams. Matt 28:19-20) Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. Check this out – and discuss with a friend how this impacts making disciples who make disciples!

Act Beyond: Simple and clear – an inspiring insight into church planting movements. Watch this with a Christian friend and ask: how do these principles apply to where we live?

Shift:m2M explores the discipleship and movement building of Jesus. Check this out:

Knowing Him 50-day Study: A resource used by Shift:m2M with podcasts now available as an app – download from View in App Store

The Voice, a modern translation of the Bible (2012), is proving to be great for missional groups. Check it out at // – and get a free download of the NT.

Muslim friends may relate to a ‘simple church’ approach. Check out

Equipping opportunities

Ethiopia Church Planting Summit – Sun March 2 – Sat March 8: keep tracking this on

Missional Summit – Melbourne, Australia: 23-25 May 2014: For people passionate about multiplying disciples and seeing new faith communities develop. For details, venue, costs & registrations:

Church Planting Basics: Go to to download these articles as PDF files –

  • Six Steps to Planting a Church: (Ministry June 2012 – Roennfeldt)
  • Cultivating Church Planting in Your Territory: (Ministry Dec 2013 – Roennfeldt)

Stop Making Excuses. ‘Christians seem to really love evangelism’, observes Ed Stetzer, ‘as long as someone else is doing it’. See

Bible Lands Tour : walking where Jesus walked (15-30 June 2015) 

Experience old Jerusalem, swim in the Dead Sea, sail on Galilee. Explore Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, Caesarea, Dan and more!

Visit Petra, Jerash, Mount Nebo, the site of Sodom & Bethany-beyond-Jordan – where Jesus was baptised.

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