NEWS 22 Mar 10

Hello planters, A couple of weeks ago I was in Brisbane for a Central City apologetics conference. On the Sunday I caught up with some planning to team up with a commercial café – as a place for getting together with unchurched friends to share life, support charities and share faith. I was really encouraged… Continue reading

NEWS 9 Mar 10

Hello planters, Are you doing what God wants? Be faithful & courageous, Peter Roennfeldt CHURCH PLANTING NEWS – 9 Mar10 (check out Stories & news Over 100 attend church planting summit in Western Australia: In 2006 the leaders of Western Australia’s Adventists organized the first ‘church planting summit’ with about 15 people attending –… Continue reading

NEWS 24 Feb 10

Hello planters, This weekend I will be in Western Australia – equipping church planting teams. Teams currently involved in planting have been encouraged to bring a new team of at least four with them – new teams to plant further new churches! Over the next week or so I will share some of their stories…. Continue reading

NEWS 9 Feb 10

Hello planters, Here are three opportunities that may be of interest – a church planting summit in Western Australia, an Adventist Fresh Expressions Conference in the United States, and Peter Corney’s resources. Be courageous & creative for God, Peter Roennfeldt CHURCH PLANTING NEWS – 10 Feb 10 (check out Resources, websites & equipping Western… Continue reading

NEWS 22 Nov 09

Hello planters, Simple church is firmly on the agenda of church life in the western context. It is seen in the revivals of history – and again in the planting movements of Asia and Africa today. It is not synonymous with house church, although many are! Simple churches also gather in cafés, restaurants, book shops,… Continue reading

NEWS 17 Aug 09

Hello planters, We have just completed the second planting churches that multiply weekend at Revive church plant in Melbourne. This was the fourth such conference I have shared in this year ? including one for the Western Australian Adventists and another called Inspire, the first church planting summit organized by the Baptist Union in NSW… Continue reading

NEWS 30 May 09

Hello planters, Jesus said he would give to those he called ‘my church’, ‘the keys of the kingdom.’ (Matt 16:18-19) Today those keys are in the hands of multiplying missional groups – simple churches, house churches, established churches, café churches, workplace churches, etc – gatherings of people whose lives are defined by Jesus Christ, sharing… Continue reading

NEWS 4 May 09

Hello planters, God may be opening new doors. It seems the stage is being set for opportunities – Millions of people are moving across the globe – and ‘scattered people’ are in God’s heart (check out the book of Acts, where they are both receptive – and ready to share the gospel). With the information… Continue reading

NEWS 17 Apr 09

Hello planters, Since first planting a church in 1972 I have been involved with hundreds of church plants in many different countries and cultures. Why is it so important? Why should planting be part of the life of every Christian, every gathering of believers (local church), and a priority for every denominational administrator/leader? Church planting… Continue reading

NEWS 1 Aug 08

Hello planters, It is some weeks since you have received the NEWS. It is not that there has been no news. When we came to Melbourne I became the team-leader of a small church plant – and now, we have five plants and house churches. Church planting has changed dramatically over the last 10 years… Continue reading