Strawberry Choir – church to kids!

A year ago Marjo, with her husband and 5 children (with a 6th on the way), moved from the Shetland Islands to a farm near Suonenjoki (in NE Finland), next door to a small declining Adventist church. There (as in the Shetland Islands) Marjo has built a network of friends close to her home. “All the kids from the community come to see their animals and play with the kids,” says Atte Helminen, leader of the Adventists in Finland. “She has also organized a choir for the community kids called the Strawberry Choir – as this little town is the strawberry capital of Finland.” The choir is taking church to the kids and these community kids also regularly come to the church to sing. The once dying church is thankful for the “missionary” who has come to town – someone who knows that mission starts at home! (Note: Marjo is an engineer who works from home as a consultant, runs a farm, and cares for her five – soon six – children.)