The bride always turns heads!

People love Jesus – but want nothing to do with the church! This is so wrong. How is it that we have made church – the Bride of Christ, so utterly irrelevant and unattractive! This last weekend at the Gippsland Dialogue (Victoria, Australia) – attended by 30 people cultivating multiplying missional groups, planter Dean challenged participants with the concept: ‘The followers of Jesus are his Bride – when the Bride gathers it should always turn heads!’ This he called the ‘body life’ of the Bride –
# Always have great food at every gathering of the Bride!
# Plan a special treat for the ladies who often prepare the food!
# Do fun stuff every time!
# Be real – bless those who gather!
# Provide financial support to all without!
# Always love those who God places in front of you!
# Plan regular times to relax in the park, visit a cafe together!

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  1. Ross

    Hi Peter. Ross here. I met you at the weekend Dialogue above. Feel really encouraged after the weekend by all involved. Thanks for your input. Jackie and I have been journeying towards missional ideas sine we moved to Payneville 5 years ago. This weekend past, we feel we have seen a sign post of sorts. Thanks again, Ross.

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