Typical Church transitions to Missional

“Over the last couple of years our church has transitioned from a fairly typical Glen Osmond Baptist Church to GO Christian Network, an extended family of missional communities,” says the pastor, Andrew Turner – who is also the Emerging Church Facilitator for Baptists in South Australlia. The GO Christian Network communities include a simplified Sunday-in-a-church-congregation, a booming missional community in a nursing home, one alongside a primary school, a Korean missional church, a youth church, and a few others coming through too. “We have a monthly gathering for all, and connect in other ways too,” Andrew explained to me. “We share a common eldership and deacons to serve the whole network, while each community has their own pastor/s. We’ve found it an excellent framework for mission, combining the stability and resources of inherited church with the flexibility of missional church. We’re swamped with people interested in the gospel.” For more details check out www.go.asn.au.