NEWS 14 Apr 03

Dear Friends

Although some church planters are facing real pressures and criticism at the present time – you are involved in the great work of leading lost people to their Saviour. In fact, this is the reason that church planters often come under attack. This is a spiritual work. Be of good courage.

Be faithful to your Lord and his Word. Rejoice in the fellowship of His Spirit and power.

Christian regards

Peter Roennfeldt





“Our prayer and fasting is continuing this week as we seek to stay away from media and use the time to focus on the work in the Clayhall area and to build on our relationship with our Lord,” writes church planter Mfakazi Ndebele in East London. As a result of bridging events and their first ‘Alpha’ the group has a growing relationship with approximately 25 young people and 5 families. Mfakazi says, “God has done far more than we had asked or imagined. So lets continue to think Big and not be afraid to have bold goals and great expectations. As you pray remember two things:

# “According to your faith it will be done.” Matt 9:29 # “The church on its knees is a church on the threshold of receiving power” (Burrill, Passion for the Lost, p178)


“In K√∂banya (Budapest, Hungary) I have started a Friday evening Bible Club,” says church planter Laszlo Szabo. “This follows Friday night presentations launched by Peter Roennfeldt. We have a relaxed atmosphere with tea and discussion about biblical topics and music. We have 20 guests

– and without using advertising. We have just invited our friends, community contacts and participants in the English language school.”


“Our second Sabbath seminar attracted 25 friends – who crowded the small hall we are using for outreach meetings,” says David Currie who is conducting evangelistic meetings to plant a new church inn Kranj, Slovenia.

“It is exciting to see the interest developing. We have a baptism of

five people next Sabbath. This will be in a swimming pool – probably at a restaurant place.”

PLAN TO BE AT THE ‘CHURCH PLANTERS X-CHANGE’ – 3-10 Aug 2003 at Toivonlinna, Finland ## WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Church planters, potential planters, church planting core groups, coaches and church administrative leaders – and, all who are interested in church planting to reach lost people in post-Christian societies! This is for members & pastors, young adults & older people, planters & core group members. It is for coaches, conference and Union leaders – and all who would like to foster and support church planting in Europe.

## WHERE? Finland Junior College (Toivonlinnan Yhteiskoulu, Finland).

This is a beautiful campus surrounded by forests and beside the sea. There is a large gymnasium, chapel, classrooms, a conference type facility (with its own accommodation), dormitory accommodation.

## WHEN? 3-10 August 2003 – starting with the Sunday evening meal and closing with breakfast the next Sunday.