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Hello Planters,     

Here is the latest news. There is a new church plant in Melbourne call re:vive. Check out re:vive in Melbourne.     

And, here is some radical – almost a ‘perverted’ form of encouragement! The ‘birth’ of something of significance usually arises from the ‘death’ of the visionary!

On Sunday 18 March, Sydney (and Australia) celebrated the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – an amazing feat of engineering for its time! The premier of New South Wales back then was Jack Lang, a stubborn visionary who would not be distracted from the task – even continuing construction during the Great Depression. But within days of the opening, Jack Lang was forced from office.     

Commenting on Jesus words, “Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” (John 12:24) – Os Hillman, in the Death & Birth of a Vision, writes, Almost every significant thing God births He allows to die before the vision is fulfilled in His own way.” God allowed Abraham and Sarah to grow old (and ‘dead’), before they became the parents of a great nation. God allowed Joseph to be sold as a slave and spend years in a dungeon, before Joseph’s dreams of being a great leader for God became reality. Moses’ experience also illustrates this truth! (Thanks Laverne Byng for sharing this!)    

This was the very essence of Jesus’ life. He was killed before His work had begun (it seemed) – but God raised Jesus from the dead, the disciples were possessed by Him through His Spirit and the greatest movement ever, began! The apostle Paul says that we cannot expect to experience the glory of Jesus unless we also share in the pain of His suffering and crucifixion. Paul experienced this – often at the hands of religious leaders. Church planters can also expect to experience this pain – in the same way. And then sometimes, you will bear the scars of your service and commitment to broken and dysfunctional communities.    

Be prepared to be sacrificed – and let God do His work. It is really strange – but check out John 12:24 again. If the vision you have is of God – He will accomplish it in His way and multiply it! Church planting is about conformity to the crucifixion example of Jesus. 

Be faithful,

Peter Roennfeldt 


News stories, resources, websites & equipping – including:

  • Re:vive in Melbourne – A NEW CHURCH PLANT IS LAUNCHED!
  • The Kingsway @ the Queensway – GIVES OPPORTUNITIES TO SURVIVE!
  • PLAN FOR Operation Global Rain – 10 DAYS OF PRAYER!

Re:vive in Melbourne – A NEW CHURCH PLANT IS LAUNCHED! It will surprise re:vive in Grantham (England) that as of Saturday 24 March there is also a re:vive in Melbourne (Australia). It came as a surprise to me too! Go to re:vive in Melbourne and read the story! 

The Kingsway @ the Queensway – GIVES OPPORTUNITIES TO SURVIVE! With a small core team – and regular crises from working among hurting and needy people – this ‘Church in the Pub’ meets for worship on the first and third Saturday each month – and on the alternate weeks, meet for a Friday evening/Saturday morning RECHARGE time for the core team one week and FREE time the other week/s. “On the FREE week we plan a walk, picnic, or something like that and invite our friends to join us,” write planters, Bryan & Isobel Webster.  

PLAN FOR Operation Global Rain – 10 DAYS OF PRAYER! The idea is for a group of believers (or a church plant) to set aside 10 days to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit – just as the early believers did after the ascension of Jesus to heaven. After 10 days of prayer – the Holy Spirit came (on Pentecost day)! For an understanding of the latter rain and the Holy Spirit – and suggestions for Conversational Prayer, an Agape Meal, and other ideas go to Global Rain Ideas and check out the growing list of ideas dedicated to Operation Global Rain.  

Alfa Gospel Praises – REACHES POSTMODERNS WITH THE GOSPEL! The New Chance Christian Community Church plant in Zabreh (Czech Republic) uses contemporary gospel music to reach postmoderns. Their Alfa Gospel Praises Choir has 80 regular singers – and over 20 participate every Friday evening in high-energy music and singing. They are postmodern high school youth – 16-18 years of age. “We sing contemporary spiritual songs in English – and then in Czech,” reports planter Martin Vesely. “After this we have a spiritual talk.” Twice each month this talk is given by one of the young adults. Four girls are now preparing for baptism – and another 5 youth are receiving Bible studies. They conduct regular community concerts – with the Christmas concert in December attracting 700 to the local community hall. (Go to to check out the pictures. You can choose your language at the bottom of the page.) 

PLANTING A CHURCH FROM A CAFÉ: “Cottage Beck Café Church continues to be church for many,” say planters Bryan & Isobel Webster. They have found that operating from a working café is excellent. The Café is there – and people can come for comfort, solace and advice. It is a place where they are known and loved and everyone knows their names. “Our regular customers are company for each other,” Bryan & Isobel report. “And as they are drawn to the peace and contentment and joy that they see in Eija, Andrew, Bryan and now Aaron (who is on full time staff), they ask questions and are invited to become part of the Kingsway @ the Queensway, the Church in the Pub. They usually first attend In Touch – the weekly small group where open and frank (very frank!) discussion and prayer happens.”   


Did Someone Find the Tomb of Jesus? Check out Monte Sahlin site for details & helpful links 

The Art of Worship for Mission & Spiritual Formation! If you are in Melbourne – check out this seminar with Mark Pierson on 21 April 2007 by going to 


Peter Roennfeldt