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  1. Matt

    I was at the dentist getting my teeth done (root canal – ouch) when the dentist (Monica) and assistant (Sylvia) were talking about all the terrible sicknesses around and that people are terminally ill with brain tumors etc. and the best of modern medicine is unable to help them. I was listening into the conversation with my jaw wide open (as she was drilling away) when I asked God, is there something you want to do while I’m here. He said “yes”. He mentioned one word – kidney. As I was getting ready to leave I thought “Here we go”. I commented on their conversation and asked did anyone have a problem with a kidney. Monica the dentist said “no”. I turned to Sylvia and she just nodded her head “yes”. I asked her what was up. She said she has kidney stones and is in pain right now. So, I offered prayer straight off the bat. She was pretty stunned by all this so, I just began to pray out loud a few feet away “Jesus, let your Kingdom come…”. After I finished, I turned to look at Monica whose jaw had almost hit the floor. I said “crazy eh?!” She just nodded her head. I asked Sylvia how she was doing. She said “no change”. I thought, “Well, Jesus, I did my part, I’m going home now.” I said good bye and left.

    I was back a week later (for the next stage of the root canal) and decided I wasn’t going to mention the episode from week the before but thought I’d wait for their reaction. As I was getting ready to leave, Monica to my surprise asked if I would pray for someone. I said sure and found out the details. I was wondering how this request came about. I asked Sylvia how she was doing with her kidney. She said, that while I was praying the week before she felt heat in her body and after I stepped out the door the pain left! She told me that she was skeptical about the whole thing (because God is distant and too busy to beĀ  interested in our stuff). I let her know God loves skeptics! I went on to let her know that is was Jesus who touched her. I found out the two ladies discussed the whole thing the week before on the way home, which led to the prayer request the following week.
    Since then, I have had the chance to speak about God and His redemptive purposes. Isn’t that just like Jesus, to show up in a dental practice to reveal His love and power!!!

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