‘So you don’t want to go to church …’

Last Thursday I picked up Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman’s, “So you don’t want to go to church anymore!’ It is a challenging read – but very helpful. The authors get at some critical issues – and, for me, some of their insights and narratives came ‘very close to home’!

One of the great dangers for simple church is the idea that by gathering in a house, or having a small group worship time, we will have church – and be more effective than a large church. These authors relate to that danger – and steer away towards the idea of ‘church’ being the gathering of those who are living the mission of Jesus, ‘on the path of life’!

They get at the essence of simple church – but don’t use the term!

3 Comments ‘So you don’t want to go to church …’

  1. Rebecca Walker

    Hi Peter,

    I read that book early last year and it was such a great encouragement. I loved the model of life that Jacobsen talked about. And the style in which it was told, journeying with the young pastor as he grapples with the issues was very accessible.

    (BTW I believe you can actually download the book from the publisher’s website http://www.jakecolsen.com/JakeStory.pdf)

    God bless,

  2. Anthony Hyland

    Hi Peter. Off topic just want to thankyou for all your time, effort and support for wanting to encourage others in searching for their own simple church. Keep up the good work. God Bless, Anthony

  3. Matthew Gamble

    Thank you Rebecca for posting a link to a PDF of the book. I look forward to the read.

    Additionally, I second Anthony’s comments! Peter, you are an incredible gift to Kingdom expansion!

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